Project 1: Repetition, Photography, & The Grid


The presentation of my design consists of 12 images. I took these images of when I traveled to Petra, Jordan this year 2016. It was the second time I’ve traveled there and I felt a connection. The images that I took are from the ancient Al-Khazneh, which means “The Treasury” in Arabic. I thought that the images would make a unique design to create an interesting composition. These images are aligned, and close together covering the entire picture plane, which gives my design a sense of unity. I wanted to display a symmetrical close up of the architecture from “The Treasury” to create a sense of gestalt and proximity to unify the image. While I was creating this project, I made sure that the design would look professional and clean. Using the grid was an extremely helpful organizational tool. I made sure that all of the images were aligned properly and the border was to size. Overall, all of the 12 images in regards to the construction of “The Treasury” in my design display a repetitive continuous visual flow.