Project 7: Organizing The Random


The presentation of my design’s focal point is the implied lines that outline the thread on the left side in the middle of the composition. The thread creates a circle. The visual flow of my design has a stippling technique that creates a sense of rhythm. I also create x’s that gives the composition more value. My design has a flow of variation of implied lines, squares and rectangular cubes that create a visual flow of rhythm. It allows the eye to flow through the composition. The design includes a full value range and display of variation of line and mark making. I’m a fashion designer and I love to sew. I found it interesting that my professor chose the right material such as a needle and thread to use as one of my design elements for my composition. My design turned out successful because it engages the audience and it encourages them to explore the design. The craftsmanship of my design has been executed in a professional manner.


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