Final Project



The adjective I chose was controlled. I chose organic biomorphic shapes and visual texture to execute the final project. I’m not a controlling person. I thought about color dominance and thought it would be cool to have black controlling the different colors throughout my composition. While typing this final assessment, I realize it represents me in a way because I love black as well as a lot of color. It reminds of the quote, “She always wears black, but she has the most colorful mind.”

My design completes all of the basic elements of design in regards to line, shape, value, color, and texture. Since the adjective I chose was controlled, it visually looks like I used different colors to represent the whole color wheel. All of the different colors of the rainbow are trying to breakthrough the white and black value scale that contrasts each other. In addition, all of the lines, shape, and visual texture are all over the place by being controlled by the color scheme. The entire picture plane has been utilized and activated. The scallop shapes in my design are controlling the negative spaces. Throughout my design, there are mostly concave biomorphic shapes that are being utilized that overflow the entire picture plane. The composition is well balanced that creates an asymmetrical visual flow throughout all of the design elements. The design utilizes non-representational form of all of the design elements in order to create the emotion of the word controlled. My design has a lot of repetition in regards to shape, value, and texture that dominates the whole composition. The painting creates an illusion of space by creating concave scallop shapes that are trying to merge together to get a controlling emotion.

My design turned out successful because it engages the audience and it encourages them to explore the design. The craftsmanship of my design has been executed in an almost professional manner. The only problem with my design is that I couldn’t get 18 x 24 watercolor paper so I used artist tape to tape an 11 x 15 watercolor paper to size. I had to make it work in order to complete the assignment.


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