Digital Imaging I – Weekly Posting 1

Hi all,

Since we can post about anything, I wanted to post an introduction for you to get to know me.

I’m adopted from Lima, Peru. I grew up in the Bronx and Pelham which is in Westchester County. My family is Eastern European. I’m Jewish, Buddhist, and I have my own spirituality. I’m a full-time fashion design student at WCC. My plan is to transfer into the Technical Design bachelors program at the Fashion Institute of Technology next year. I’m not working at the moment. However, I do have over two years of professional experience in the fashion industry. I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion at a very young age. When I was a baby, my first word was “beads” not mommy. I’m very inspired by the world I live in because I believe fashion is everywhere. I have very eclectic tastes. I’m very well traveled. I’ve traveled to many parts of the world. Particularly parts of South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Every place I visit, I end up coming up with an idea about that particular place and incorporate those ideas into my designs. I’m willing to try everything in the fashion industry. I’m interested in designing for both ready-to-wear and haute couture. Additionally, I’m interested in collaborating with other designers to spread awareness of sustainability in the mass market. One of my goals is to help improve the working conditions both domestic and foreign in the garment trade. I enjoy volunteer work in helping communities in need. I live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes I do love to indulge. During my free time I practice martial arts which include Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and other exercises such as strength training. I have other martial arts goals but one day at a time. I practice yoga and I meditate. I do my best to have a positive attitude to become a better person each day. I’m not perfect, only human. I’m into quotes and philosophy. These are one of my favorite quotes below:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandhi

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

See you in class,