Digital Imaging I – Weekly Posting 4 – Forecasting Trend For Fall 2016

Ruthie Kasten

Professor Beard

Fashion Product Development



Forecasting Trend For Fall 2016


Our world is continuously evolving through both external and internal catalysts. These catalysts include technology, our environment, political and social events as well as our own aging. As human beings, it is challenging to keep up with technology and to check in within us in today’s modern society. Today, our world is evolving towards making efforts for a better future through awareness to improve our society. Peace and comfort is the development of going through obstacles and challenging hardships. The world is not perfect otherwise it would be an empty place! As Daisaku Ikeda states, “Governments come and go, economies rise and fall and society constantly changes. Only the good fortune that we accumulate during our lives last forever.”


The color palette for fall 2016 is focused on shades of earth tones with a balance of vibrant colors. These colors are inspired by transcendence and are expressed with a sense of unity. They don’t have a specific primary color. As we transition through seasons, the balance of the color palette has a sense of consistency by being centered. The color palette for this year is a reflection of checking in within us to stay more grounded through our transitioning towards a new season. Transcending genders inspires this year’s color palette by focusing on our own strength and weaknesses as human beings.


The mood for fall 2016 is based on the seven main chakras and focusing on the anatomy of yoga as well as how it can transform the body. Within these seven main chakras are expressed by telling you the following quote, “I understand. I see. I speak. I love. I do. I feel. I am.” The meaning of the word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word that means “wheel, circle, and cycle.” It has been known as a spinning wheel of light referring to the wheels of energy throughout the body. Chakras are the energy to help regulate all its processes that center within the human body. It starts from the base of the spine, the heart, and through the crown of the head. Within the seven main chakras, they each represent its own vibrational frequency that is used through its specific chakra color. Its specific functions are to focus on our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states as human beings. The inspiration is focused on letting go and just being in the present moment within the evolving changes in our fast paced modern world. The mood flows within multiple colors but has a sense of balance through this year’s color palette. It also has a sense of progression and a sense of moving between colors. Since our world is always evolving so quickly its important to stay open, aligned and check in with ourselves to better ourselves through change within our society. As Daisaku Ikeda states, “A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.”


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