Digital Imaging I – Weekly Posting 9 – Donna Karen Q & A

In 2012, I went to a Q&A at the 92nd St. Y in the city to see Donna Karen with my mom. During that time I had my first job in the fashion industry. Throughout the interview, Donna Karen asked the audience, “How many of you practice yoga?” The majority of the audience raised their hand except my mother and I and some other people. Ever since that day of seeing Donna Karen speak, I’ve been practicing yoga for about over four years. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and working on living a healthy lifestyle. Our next project for digital imaging, we have to create a thirty second commercial for our final project. I’m actually looking forward to it! I wanted to use Donna Karen in my commercial to spread awareness on health and wellness. Yoga will be the main topic in my commercial. I wanted to be consistent within my theme this semester. I feel its about progress not perfection and its about the journey not the destination. Here are some links from Donna Karen’s Q&A back in 2012 below:


Donna Karan Talks Career, Marriage and Barbra at 92Y


Donna Karan with Fern Mallis 92Y Q&A video below:



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