Concepts – Hyper Realism

Theme 1: Sustainable Fashion

The first concept I wanted to express the dark side of the fashion industry. I feel we are all responsible in making no excuses on seeing a better light on our world’s garment trade. Today, we take everything for granted and we have a high demand for things. I wanted to use the the clothing coming out of the ground and trees to express sustainable fashion.



Theme 2: Muay Thai

The second concept I wanted to create an arena with two Muay Thai fighters. I practice Muay Thai and I find it a very beneficial skill to have. Its not only a good skill for self defense but as a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create the Muay Thai fighters as a graphic with Muay Thai terminology or an older fighter and a young fighter to give a sense of showing the growth of the fighter.



Theme 3: Yoga and Meditation

The third concept I wanted to create an empty yoga studio with people practicing yoga and the energy of the seven chakras. I’ve been practicing yoga for four years and I’m new to meditation practices. I have my own spirituality. I wanted the poses to come to life. I might use the yoga poses floating on lotus flowers. This concept is my favorite because I wanted to create a sense of health and wellness through my hyper realism project.



Theme 4: Cats practicing yoga on lotus flowers

The fourth concept I wanted to create people practicing yoga with their cats in different poses or just cats practicing yoga on lotus flowers. I feel this concept would be good for cat lovers haha. I wanted to create the life of a cat.



Theme 5: Nichirin Buddhism

The fifth concept I wanted to create people chanting Buddhist prayers and have Nichiren Daishonin in the background. I practice Nichirin Buddhism and I’m a member of the organization called the Soka Gakkai International (SGI-USA). I wanted to incorporate the history of buddhism with real life situations. I need to add the altar which is called the gohonzon and the activity center where we chant our prayers. Here is the link of Nichirin Daishonin and the SGI.