Progress – Hyper Realism

At first this project was overwhelming for me as well as adjusting to four classes this semester. However, it is best to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. As a designer I wanted this project to go well especially for my portfolio. I wanted to do something relevant for my field. I chose to do a chakra yoga inspiration. I also used this project as an inspiration for my fashion design product development class. I used the same chakra idea but with different images through my twenty five piece collection for my final project this semester. Here is the mood board, fabric, and concept pages below:




I’m happy on how my hyper realism project turned out. The challenging part of this project was figuring out what to add on the bottom of the page. I was lucky to find people on top of lotus petals. I feel I executed blending in the bottom of the composition with my tools in Photoshop. This project will be a great way for my marketing campaign after I finish my fashion design product development final project. I wanted to add some of my modeled designs and put them on the lotus petals.







My Adobe color scheme link below: